Activities of the Department

  1. Empowering the Provincial Planning Council and Preparation of Long – term, Mid-Term Plans.
  2. Preparation of an action plan for the year and Implementation, projects monitoring and achieving expected target of the same.
  3. Collection of data for Development Plans and updating of same data.
  4. Conducting Surveys and Researches.
  5. Preparation of Provincial Development Plan, Progress Reviewing and Aching Targets.
  6. Identification, Appraisal of new projects with obtaining ideas of the Evaluation and People Private Sector, Government & Non Governmental Sectors.
  7. Planning & Implementation of Foreign Funded Projects (Grants & Loans).
  8. Preparation of Sectoral and Institutional Plans and extending support to institutional on that matter.
  9. Guidance and Coordination of Ministries and Planning Unit of Departments.
  10. Collection of National Policy & Plans and using them in Provincial Plans.
  11. Coordination of planning matters with Government Institutions.
  12. Maintaining Coordination with Planning Department of other province.
  13. Maintaining Coordination with Finance Commission, National Planning Department and Department of .External Resource on planning.
  14. Providing resource persons on Development Planning & related subject.
  15. Maintaining the Web Site of the province duly.
  16. Maintaining the provincial Computer Center duly.
  17. Providing the assistance to Chief Minister, Ministries, Member of the Provincial Council and Chief Secretary on Planning Matters.